New Year’s Resolutions

I was seriously intending to make this post much more cheerful than the previous one. I had gathered a lot of feel good little stories and was looking forward to sharing these with you all. Until today arrived in the shape of a very miserable and unpleasant man, which took away all my good intentions. I decided to keep it all humorous though as I am determined not to let this get me down, although it did very badly hit me in the face… So I will start with what I was intending on sharing first as it might cheer me up. I must say that sharing this on Facebook has really lightened me up thanks to my friends commenting on my status. Thank you all 🙂

Anyway I have recently discovered that some people can actually be genuine people, although I had lost hope… I recently lost a lodger without any notice. They just packed up all their stuff without saying anything and expected to stay over that night… Hum, as you can imagine that didn’t go down well… I had to check with them whether they had ever heard of the word courtesy… This was the ‘little madam’ attitude of an 18 year old girl who would blame everything on her mum.  Well it looks as if she still has a long way to go before she can reach maturity… So I was very pleased to see the back of her. Not to mention the financial difficulty she put me in just before Christmas…. So it took me a while to recover from this until I decided to look for another lodger.

This is where the feel good little story begins. They contacted me within a day of advertising and came to see the spare room the day after. They liked it straight away although they had seen other places and they thought I was a nice person. I thought they were too so there was a good chance for us both to get on.  They also happen to only need the room from Monday to Friday, which gives me free space over the weekend. They moved in the following week and as a thank you for having them in my house they bought me a lovely bunch of flowers 🙂 They really made my day. And since then to be honest it just feels like my house has turned into a home. There is someone there who is happy to talk and listen, who is interested  and really cares. I had forgotten what it felt like…

So this was my feel good little story and I am hoping it will last long enough. I feel this is really helping me believe in humankind again. Until today 😦  Now, how do you say “piss off ” to someone without being rude? In my professional capacity I cannot afford to be rude no matter how tempting it is… So instead of rudeness I tried humour, which was a lost cause and I should have known better. It didn’t go down well at all and as a result they wanted to talk to my manager, and I was more than happy to oblige.  I am looking forward to never have to deal with this person ever again.

This is the typical ‘I feel sorry for myself’ type who doesn’t care a damn about anybody else’s feelings but their own, who think that they are the most unhappy people on this planet. My joke was to say: “join the club”. No, they are not the only one who had a bad Christmas, no, they are not the only one who is fed up with everything, but they didn’t like to hear the truth as they love their victim role to bits. “How dare you take this role away from me?” is more or less what they could have said to me. “It suits me like a glove, it gives me an identity and if I don’t have it I don’t know who I am any more…”  My response was: “I am sorry but I can’t help you there as my role is definitely not to feel sorry for the people who don’t do anything to help themselves.” Tough but true!

So where have my new year’s resolutions gone? Well I think I am working on them but the truth is never easy to hear. Even using humour doesn’t seem to help those who desperately need to hear it. So I am still not sure what the answer is. I will most definitely struggle to keep my mouth shut as it is just not me… until I get kicked in the teeth for good. Food for thought… In the meantime I will carry on working on my planking 30 day challenge, which is a very good way to boost not only your core muscles but also your self-esteem. My record so far is 2 minutes and a half. Shall we bet to see if I make it to the 5 minute challenge…? 😉



About Cherry B

I support people who suffer from common mental health difficulties.
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  1. 😉 Keep the good spirit going and flowing…

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